Jul 26, 2021

4 Benefits of Construction Management Services

Construction management is a professional service that involves the planning, management, and control of a commercial or residential project from start to finish. Serving as a representative to an owner, a construction manager’s job is to deliver a viable project that aligns with the owner’s vision, needs and budget. During each phase of a project, a construction manager is responsible for a range of tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Organizing and managing the construction teams.
  • Maintaining timely & transparent communication between all project parties: owners, architects, city planners, workers, and everybody in between.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the project budget and timeline.
  • Implementing safety procedures and risk management.
Benefits of Construction Management

Below, we explore a few of the benefits of construction management and how these benefits streamline the construction process to ensure an owner receives a successful build that meets their vision.

1. Improved Communication

Poor communication can lead to unexpected challenges, delays and costly mistakes. A construction manager streamlines the flow of communication between all project stakeholders, ensuring transparency and cohesion within the construction, design and architectural teams. As the owner’s single point of contract, a construction manager also provides the owner with timely progress updates to ensure all their goals and objectives are being met through the project lifecycle.

2. Lower Project Costs

Cost control is a construction management service that keeps construction expenses, such as labour, materials, and other overhead costs, within the project budget. During the planning phase, a construction manager works with the architect and design team to create a strategic plan that outlines the project scope, including the budget. To keep costs down throughout the project lifecycle, a construction manager will provide cost estimating services, apply budgeting techniques, and leverage established relationships with trades and vendors.

3. Project Fast Tracking

Construction managers are industry experts that are fluent in construction planning, methods, and technologies. A construction manager streamlines a construction project by developing a comprehensive plan that details the project from start to finish. This includes pre-construction, feasibility analysis, quality & function, risk management, design & construction, and the coordination of the entire construction team. Not only does this fast track the project, but it also helps the owner to avoid unexpected or unnecessary changes in the schedule and budget.

4. Risk Management

In construction, anything can go wrong at any time. A key service of construction management is risk management. To protect the owner from liability, a construction manager will develop a strategic risk management plan that identifies, analyzes and mitigates potential risks. These risks may include changes in market pricing, unforeseen site conditions, and potential on-site accidents. If there is no risk management plan in place, an owner may get exposed to several legal and financial liabilities.

In Need of Construction Management Services?

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