Mar 02, 2021

Five Essential Phases of Construction Management

Do you have an idea for a project but aren’t sure how to execute it? Construction management is a professional project delivery service that can help you manage your project’s scope, quality, schedule and budget from start to finish. A construction manager is uniquely qualified and experienced in the construction process and has the skills and knowledge to oversee your entire project with meticulous planning, strategy and coordination. To give you a better idea of how a construction manager can help make your project a reality, we’ve provided a brief breakdown below of the various phases of a construction project and the role a construction manager performs within each.


Every project starts with an idea. Once you have an understanding of the construction project you want to build, the next step is to select your construction manager. Construction projects require a high degree of planning and coordination, with many moving parts and people involved, so it’s essential you have an experienced professional by your side that can manage every detail of your project to ensure your project is completed at the highest quality, on time, and within budget.


Now that you have selected your construction manager, the planning of the design and construction process can begin. During this stage, the construction manager will talk to you about your vision: the type of construction project you want to build, uses and purposes for the space, your budget, and timeframes. Once the construction manager has a better idea of your end goal, the construction manager finds a suitable architect for your project and collaborates with them to measure the feasibility of your project.

From there, the construction manager will work with all project stakeholders to create a strategic and viable project plan that outlines the project’s goals and objectives as they relate to:

  • Construction process activities and tasks
  • Design
  • Schedule and budget
  • Quality control measures
  • Necessary equipment and materials
  • Risk management and safety measures
  • And more

Leveraging their wide network of trusted professionals, a construction manager will act as your trusted advisor to help you assemble a project team, including design and engineering teams, general contractors, subcontractors, superintendent and other professionals. Your construction manager will also help you coordinate between vendors to secure the necessary materials and equipment the construction team will need in the most economical way possible.


Now that the planning and design phases are complete and all professionals and essential resources have been procured, construction can begin. This is the implementation phase where the construction manager’s project plan is put into motion, and the scope of work is performed on-site. During this phase, your construction manager provides a range of services to monitor and control the construction process, including:

  • On-site project management
  • Quality control
  • Technical inspections and testing
  • Performing risk management and monitoring safety protocols
  • Allocating resources and materials
  • Monitoring project budget and timelines
  • Maintaining communication between project stakeholders
  • Collaborate with general contractor to ensure construction is being completed according to the project timeline and specifications

Now that the physical construction is complete, your construction manager is now ready to transition your project back to you. To ensure your project is move-in ready, your construction manager will perform a physical tour of the site, usually with the architect and/or project engineer, to ensure every component of construction is complete and test the systems to ensure everything is working correctly. Throughout the tour, the construction manager will take notes to create a punch list of outstanding items that need to be changed or completed. Once the punch list is complete, the construction manager will work with the general contractor to ensure all remaining items are finished in a timely manner. The construction manager then provides you, the owner, with all your essential closeout documents, including manuals, warranties, property insurance and final accounting. Your project is now complete!


For over 35 years, Westmark has been providing construction management services for residential, commercial and industrial projects across Vancouver Island. As your construction manager, we can help guide you through the various phases of your construction project to ensure you receive a project that is completed on time, within budget and exceeds your expectations. If you’d like to learn more about our construction management process, and the services we provide, reach out today!