Sep 25, 2020

Custom Home Builders vs Production Home Builders: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to building your home, one of the first important decisions you have to make is choosing which type of build you want. Do you work with a custom home builder or a production builder? What’s the difference? How do you know which type of builder is the right option for you? While both types of builders can deliver a new home for you and your family, your decision will depend on your needs, budget and how involved you want to be in your home’s construction process. In this article, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the differences between the two, along with some of the pros and cons to help you decide which type of new home builder can deliver a home that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

What is a Production Builder?

Production builders are typically large-volume home builders that build multiples of the same home design each year, usually in pre-planned communities or neighbourhoods in suburban areas. Because production builders typically construct all of the homes within a specific community, they will offer you a home and land as a package. In a production home community, all the houses are built by one or more builders who own the land.

Disadvantages of production homes:

Your location choices are limited
Often featured in more suburban areas, all the houses are built on land owned by the builders. Therefore, rather than choosing a location around town, you’ll have to select a lot within the neighbourhood instead.

You’re stuck with existing floor plans
To keep costs down and predictable, production builders typically reuse catalogues of floor plans. This means you’ll need to be prepared to do some compromising as you’ll have to select a floor plan that is close enough to what you want. If you want to add an extra bathroom or additional bedroom, you’ll likely have to invest in renovations after the home is built as you might not have the option to add these during construction.

Restrictions on customization
Your home will likely look similar or the same as a lot of the other houses in your neighbourhood. When choosing things like tile, carpet, flooring, or counters and fixtures, you’ll pick from a set of pre-chosen options of materials, home features and amenities that the builder allows. While this may make your decision making easier, this can be extremely frustrating for those wanting a one-of-a-kind home.

Resale value
Production homes often lack individuality from the other homes in your neighbourhood, and therefore, have lesser resale value compared to custom-built homes.

What is a Custom Home Builder?

A custom home can range from a moderate rancher-style home to an elaborate multi-story home with floor plans that are customized and designed around your tastes and style. When you partner with a custom home builder like Westmark, your choices are limitless. A custom home gives you the freedom to design your dream home from scratch. As a custom-home buyer, you can customize most of the details of your home, both inside and out, and work closely with Nanaimo custom home builders like Westmark to design a floor plan that fits your lifestyle.

Advantages of working with Nanaimo custom home builders like Westmark

Your get more input
A much more collaborative construction process, you work with the custom home builder, architect, designers and other parties involved throughout the entire home building process. From the flooring and paint colour right down to the doorknobs, you have a say in almost everything in the design of your custom-built home.

Choose your location
With custom home builds, you aren’t limited to any set of plans or fixed locations. You can choose the location where your home is built. Want an ocean view? Live closer to family and friends? Or already own some property? With custom home builds, you can build your house wherever you want.

Personal expression
Whether your style is traditional, modern, mid-century, contemporary, or a combination of all styles, you can make your home a direct reflection of your unique tastes and preferences. There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot have in your home. If you can dream it, a custom home builder can build it! Want to install specialized lighting? A deck with a covered area, outdoor fireplace and seating? Floor to ceiling windows or skylights in every room? From inside and out, you are in charge of every detail that goes into designing your home.

Budget flexibility
While many assume custom-built homes are more expensive than production homes, that isn’t always the case. When you partner with a Nanaimo custom home builder like Westmark, your budget is taken into consideration from the moment you begin planning discussions to the day you move in.

Together, we can make your dream home a reality

Are you wanting to design a home that’s tailored to your lifestyle, budget and is truly one-of-a-kind? Westmark can help! With over 30 years of experience as Nanaimo custom home builders, we can help you build a home that’s uniquely yours right down to the smallest detail. If you are thinking of building a new custom home on Vancouver Island, give us a call today!