Sep 29, 2019

Westmark’s Approach to General Contracting

A general contractor wears many hats. They are responsible for the overall liability of a project, the coordination of trades, allocation of resources needed to get the job done, and must have the expertise to problem solve any issues that may arise during the job. When choosing a general contractor, make sure they share the same pride in quality work as you do.  You will be working closely with the company you choose and will be trusting its personnel with your money and vision.

Hiring Westmark as your Nanaimo general contractor guarantees your project will be handled with the skills, experience and strong leadership needed to make your project a reality. We make it our mission to make sure every client knows that their project is in the right hands. Listed below are just a few of the qualities that set Westmark’s approach to general contracting apart from the rest.

We set the stage for success from our very first involvement in a project. During the pre-construction phase, we look through the project systematically, considering budget, schedule, key milestone dates, and the quality & safety of each stage of the project’s development. We determine and refine a budget and then work collaboratively with the whole team on a scope and price for the project.

Materials & Equipment
We make sure the best quality materials & equipment are used on every project, while also keeping the client’s budget in mind. Our management systems and processes are always in full control of any project, both in the field and in the office. We schedule purchases well in advance and make sure a constant supply of materials show up on time and in great condition. We implement quality assurance measures early in the project to ensure we can meet and exceed a project’s expectations.

The strong relationships we have built within the local trade market makes Westmark a trusted name. Our priority is to ensure that our clients are always getting the highest quality at the best price. For many general contractors, getting qualified skilled labour to the site can be a major challenge, but not for Westmark. We maintain a consistent and loyal workforce that will go above and beyond when needed to bring every Westmark client quality and date of delivery.

A good general contractor must demonstrate an ability to propose and achieve construction schedules and complete projects within established budgets. They must make sure no detail gets ignored or forgotten and that all team members are kept up to date on progress and any potential issues or challenges. Westmark’s key to successful project delivery is open and honest communication. This starts at the very beginning of our involvement in the project and carries through to the completion and warranty period. We maintain a consistent flow of information between all parties through timely communication of weekly site walkthrough meetings, project reports, daily check-ins, weekly trade meetings, and monthly schedule updates.

Westmark’s enthusiasm enhances the construction experience for everybody involved  for better project collaboration. This starts with the right people. Our team’s experience, knowledge, and collaborative approach guarantees that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same common goal throughout the lifetime of the project.

At Westmark, safety is in our organizational DNA. We possess all required safety training and certifications to meet the requirements of the British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. As the general contractor, we lead by example and set up a safety culture for the site. We make sure that everyone coming to the site understands what is expected of them and how they can contribute to a safe site for all.

Our history and reputation has built many strong relationships across the industry and makes us a preferred contractor for numerous owners, consultants and trade contractors. Our team at Westmark is experienced, hard-working, knowledgeable, and most importantly, understands what it takes to get the job done. Our ability to draw on our own team to self-perform some of the most critical elements of projects gives us direct control over a project instead of relying on a 3rd party.

Westmark has consistently been building award-winning commercial and residential projects for over 30 years. When you choose Westmark, rest assured you will get a reliable, skilled, and dedicated general contractor you can trust.