May 31, 2019

The many different hats involved in Condo Construction.

There are many roles that unite while pursuing a common goal in building a multifamily building. If you are considering building a condo, townhouse complex, or other multi family community, you may be wondering who you will need to start hiring! Below is a list of these roles and how they contribute to your condo construction project.

General Contractor

A general contractor is the project lead of the build; overseeing construction management, time management and resources. They often manage the project from beginning through to completion.

A general contractor will coordinate with suppliers and contractors/tradespeople to ensure you are getting the highest quality at the best price. They are responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment and services required for the project.  

We at Westmark would fill this role as general contractors. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss bringing us on board to manage your condo building project.


  • A FRAMER is a type of carpenter that builds the support structure, such as scaffolding and framing, of walls and roof that are laid out in the blue prints.
  • HEATING & DUCTWORKERS install the furnaces, broilers, piping and ductwork for a buildings heating system.
  • ELECTRICIANS install breaker boxes, wiring and fixtures. They communicate with the power companies to have power grids turned off/on while hooking up a new system.         On occasion, they are involved with installing alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal, if offered with a build.
  • PLUMBERS install the water system by connecting to the water main, as well as install heating equipment, building the drainage and septic systems.
  • DRYWALLERS apply the drywall onto the framing; then taping, spackle and sanding the walls smooth.
  • PAINTERS come in to prime the spackled drywall and apply the finishing paint coats.
  • FINISH CARPENTERS complete the final stage. They install doors, window trims, baseboards and other interior trim such as crown moldings.



An engineer combines mathematics, science and technology; making their role an analytical one. Their time is mostly spent on researching, locating, applying, and transferring information.

There are a few different Engineers that play a part in a development:

  • A CIVIL Engineer is involved in the development of infrastructures
  • A STRUCTURAL Engineer is a specific branch of civil engineering which specializes in the design of different structures.
  • An ARCHITECTURAL Engineer plays a part in the construction, planning, structure and design phase of the project. This includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, lighting, and plumbing.
  • An ELECTRICAL Engineer develops technologies to assist with all energies, such as hydro, electrical, solar, and wind. The design the electronic equipment, communications systems and power grids.
  • A MECHANICAL Engineer designs the mechanical heating and cooling systems of a build.


An architect takes on creating the building design of the project. This is an important role as they are responsible for the appearance of the project before a final structural design is complete.

They create the design concept, and are responsible for including requirements specified by the client. Architects often work as the co-ordinating professional on a project as well, working hand in hand with your General Contractor to hire and schedule other professionals and trades.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing team take on a more vital role. They must ensure that the marketing aligns with the overall objectives of the company and they remain a strong voice of communication between customer and builder.

The marketing role includes research, brand and messaging development, customer service, sales and communications.

The sales role is an advisor, reporting customer feedback and focusing on customer contact to drive sales.

Are you a property developer considering a multi-family or condo development? View our commercial portfolio and contact Chris Lundy for bids and consultations.

For an example of our multi family developments, check out one of our recent projects by clicking here. 

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