Apr 24, 2018

#ConstructionMonthBC – A Q&A with Andrea Ironside of Westmark Construction

This year, The Province of BC has declared April 2018 “Construction & Skilled Trades Month”. The purpose of this declaration is to recognize the contribution of the construction industry and its impact on every single community in our province. In BC alone, more than 245,000 people work in skilled trades, and in many cases, do not receive adequate recognition for their skills, expertise, and hard work.

Hear from our Marketing Director Andrea Ironside, as she answers a few questions about what it’s like to be a part of the construction field.


Why are you proud to be a part of the construction industry in BC?

This industry is very exciting to be a part of! It is one of the oldest industries in our province, and there’s so much history behind it. At the same time, there’s a ton of innovation that’s happening! The way that we build, the technologies that we use, it’s always changing. For example, sustainable materials and construction is a big thing right now – there are always new standards and codes, new methods, new materials. All of us in this field have to be 100% on top of our game. We’re always learning, and that makes it really rewarding.

Why are skilled trades important?

I’m so happy that the Government of BC is making a point to celebrate skilled trades! I think tradespeople can often underappreciated – it can be thankless work, sometimes. Tradespeople are so dedicated, highly educated, and they have a wealth of knowledge under their belts. They bring precision and expertise to the table every single day. And there’s so much opportunity in this industry, too! I find that people are choosing skilled trades because they are able to build rewarding, sustainable careers.6

How has Westmark Construction made an impact on your community?

To take it very literally, we get to have a hand in building it! Every community needs homes and places of business, and we help make those buildings happen. We call Nanaimo home, and this area is where most of our projects are. Pacific Station is one of our most impactful projects, I think – a really unique, synergistic community has come out of there. Aside from building, we also make a point to give back to our community. Most recently, we contributed to the Royal LePage “National Garage Sale for Shelter”, donating the use of one of our trailers for the storage of items. This wonderful event raises money and awareness to support abused women, children, and families.

In your experience, how do partnerships with other industry professionals help to ensure your projects are “built right”?

There’s a lot of careers and options that fit under the “construction” umbrella. There’s only so much that one person can know or one company can do! As construction project managers, we definitely benefit from fostering relationships with other experts in our field. We work with so many talented, passionate people – interior designers, architects, electricians, carpenters, painters, and more! They all have a strong, in-depth knowledge of their craft through years of education and experience. The people we partner with, they value the same things we do – being focused on customer service and quality. When everyone on our team is striving for the same goal – and believes in doing the right thing – we know that the end result of every project is “built right”.

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