Mar 21, 2017

Five Benefits of Commercial Design-Build

More than ever, businesses are choosing the design-build approach when embarking upon a new commercial building construction project. In other words, they are not dividing out the work to one firm to design and another one to build their commercial space – they are looking for an organization that will handle the entire project from conception to completion. Effective construction and project management takes a lot of time-if you are busy and have a lot of things on the go, it’s easy for things to get overlooked or miscommunicated. Here are five reasons why choosing a design-build company for your commercial project can save you time and money.

  1. Collaboration and unity. Any given group of general contractors, engineers, architects, or builders will have different ideas, visions or separate points of view. They each bring their specialized skills to the table, but may not always communicate effectively. Arguments and a lack of communication can waste valuable time and money, pushing back deadlines and cranking up actual project costs. When working with a design-build firm such as Westmark, we can create a group that works together from the very beginning of your project’s conception will create synergy, a unified vision, and will in turn contribute to overall project efficiency.
  2. Heightened subcontractor cooperation. Using our team of commercial general contractors for your design-build project reduces the number of subcontractors and outside labourers involved in your commercial build. This contributes to further cost reduction, and also helps to alleviate unnecessary hassles in the process. An Account Manager will oversee your project, serving as the single point of contact for all of the subcontractors. Our goal at Westmark is always about finishing the build, to complete satisfaction, on time and on budget.
  3. Cost savings. At Westmark, we are a highly experienced team of general contractors with years of design-build on Vancouver Island behind us. We have very strong connections, with the best suppliers in the industry, and in the entire region. This gives us the ability to negotiate the fairest rates when sourcing materials. It also allows us to source the highest quality materials at affordable prices. This ensures that we will get the job done for reasonable costs, and minimizes the risk of surprises down the road.
  4. A partnership with you and the company. When creating the design with the architect, collaborating with subcontractors, and negotiating with suppliers, a design-build firm is your single point of contact. This makes it very easy for you to remain in control and on top of the project. We work hard to keep you involved and informed throughout every step in the process. We take care of every other aspect of the project for you. This alleviates the confusion, and the stressors, involved with any commercial build.
  5. Less hassle. We streamline the process and take responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise. You communicate your needs, wishes and input directly to us, which we then use to inform all of the contractors and supplies on your project. We handle all of the construction management, from working with architects and interior designers, managing budgets and timelines, to ensuring active, efficient communication and collaboration between all of the teams involved. We can even research property locations, provide zoning information, and we can help cut through all of the red tape for you. This makes the entire experience easier on you, and on your budget!

Westmark Construction has a comprehensive design-build process that has been developed over our nearly 30 years in the industry.