Aug 12, 2016

Outdoor Living Ideas: Incorporating Outdoor Living Spaces Into Your Home Design

One of the hottest trends in residential design right now, is the design & addition of outdoor living spaces. After all, in a beautiful region like British Columbia, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of your outdoor experience? Outdoor living spaces are so much more than just a patio – they should be an extension of your home, offering comfort, shelter, and functional living. Let’s take a moment to talk about some outdoor living ideas, things to consider, and look through a gallery of some beautiful & inspirational outdoor living projects for both large & small backyards!

5 Tips For Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

1. Plan your “flooring” and establish pathways. Will your outdoor living space be built onto a deck or patio? Will you incorporate some of your green space into the design? Consider the flow of pathways through your outdoor space. Work with existing structures & greenery, and use shrubs & placement of furniture & decor to establish the shape of your outdoor “room”.

2. Make it warm and cozy! Invest in quality outdoor furniture with plush seating. Consider pillows & blankets, which can be stored in a nearby bin during inclement weather. Consider adding a fireplace – options can include an open gas firepit, or a more traditional bricked in fireplace.

3. Consider your privacy. If your yard is open to the view of the neighbours, strategic use of canopies, trees, and vines can add some much needed privacy to your outdoor space, while also lending it a sense of solitude & peace.

4. Create a focal point. A standard tip for any room design – create a focal point for your outdoor space. Perhaps it’s your cozy fire, a water feature, a piece of art, or a simple arrangement on a table. A focal point gives the eye somewhere to rest on, and provides an anchor for your room layout.

5. Make it accessible. An outdoor room is more likely to be used it it connects to your indoor living space. Consider building off of your living room, kitchen, or master bedroom. Carefully select doorways to encourage guests to step out of your “indoor” space into the comfort & serenity of your outdoor living room!

Outdoor Living Ideas Gallery


Work with the natural environment of your property, and embrace the rustic. This paved firepit creates a cozy & comfortable space without sacrificing the rustic, natural surroundings. — Project by Keith Summerour

Washington Property
A great example of incorporating the natural features of your property with well choosen “flooring” and architectural features, into a casual but modern outdoor living space. – Project by Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design


Historic Evanston Retreat


Small Spaces

The Ridge




Bring the Indoors Outdoors

coastal-waters5 coastal-waters12
We had to show both angles of this unique West Coast living room. A full size sliding door opens the living room up fully to the back pation (& stunning views).— Project by Westmark Contsruction


Wyoming Residence