Jul 16, 2015

Places To Build – Tofino “Surfer’s Paradise”

When looking for a place to settle into and call it home, what things are important to you?  This blog on Tofino and specifically the Chesterman Beach area, is to help you chose where you want to build your customer home or build your new place of business, be it an office, a hotel, or a restaurant.

World Famous Chesterman Beach is one of the many beaches in Tofino. A big, beautiful beach that has soft sand to play in and hard packed sand to walk and jog on, this beach is close to the village of Tofino and can be accessed by staying on a B&B close to the beach, cycling or walking along the dedicated walk/bike path, or driving to one of the two parking places (one at the North end and one at the South).

Once there the activities are endless: surfing, bird watching, exploring for sea life, counting clam holes, picnicking, building sand castles, and playing in the waves. It is a great place to sink deep into reflection, or a sweet nap!

Chesterman Beach has two sections: North Chesterman and South Chesterman. You can easily stroll the entire beach. Mid-way between the two sections is a sand spit that leads out to Frank Island at low tide. A very popular beach, Chesterman is always a good choice for the entire family.

What Chesterman Beach is really known for is the surfing.  It’s the best surfing in Canada and is a paradise of perfect stormy weather and big waves to glide into the sunset or come to at sunrise.

That’s not the only beach in the area that is great for surfing. The road leading to Tofino is loaded with exceptional beaches featuring incredibly surfing conditions. In addition to Chesterman Beach, you can surf at Cox Bay, which has been the venue for surfing contests in the past, Long Beach, the tourist hot spot featuring the 10-mile long sand dune, and Rosie’s Bay, a smaller cove that is not recommended for beginners!

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