Jul 16, 2015

10 Rules To Make Your Construction Project Run Smoothly

When you are in the situation where you have a construction project you need to complete, how do you ensure that it runs smoothly? Here is a list of 10 considerations and tips to follow so that your project will be a success:

  1. Communication: This is the MOST IMPORTANT rule. Clear, straightforward, unambiguous communication between all parties; written or verbal needed to be kept during the project, otherwise costly errors in miscommunication can occur.
  2. Your Team: Gather the key people you need for your project team. These must be people that can answer budget questions and project questions in order to keep things running smoothly.
  3. Your Project: Have a clear idea of what your project should accomplish. Make sure everyone on your team knows the end goal and what should be accomplished. A formal document defining the strategy and tactics, a proposed budget, and determine the milestones and measurements should be created to capture all this information.
  4. Budget: Know your budget and make sure it is finalized so that everyone is informed and know where to allocate the available funds. Keep strict accounting on project costs in order to not run out of funds before the project is complete.
  5. Schedule: Determine all key milestones, assign these tasks to your team and make sure to date them in order to keep on track. Update the schedule frequently in order to meet all deadlines.
  6. Expectations: Set reasonable expectations. Make sure that everyone understands what can and cannot be accomplished within the timeframe and budget. Pushing the envelope too far can cause a drop in quality and could make your schedule slip and the project will suffer.
  7. Weekly Meetings: Hold a weekly meeting with your team in order to stay on top of the budget, schedule and to rectify any issues that may come up in order to stay on track.
  8. Check-Ups: Check in frequently with your team to touch base on how things are going. This can be a simple phone call or speaking with them in person. Just having your figure on the pulse daily is better than waiting a week for your meeting.
  9. Records: Keep precise and up to date records of meetings, site instruction conversations and decisions made in order to stay on track and not stray with questions because you were unsure of what transpired.
  10. Problems: Understand that things will go wrong. It is how you deal with it that matters. By staying calm and having a strong project team, you can brainstorm with them and you should be able to solve the problem and keep the project on track.

Westmark knows and understands these steps and we know how to work with you in the short-term to keep your project moving forward, and in the long-term to make sure it meets your expectations and lasts! Want proof we take our client relationships seriously? Check out our most recent Christmas Dinner, where we invite friends and past clients to a gathering to show our appreciation for them and to maintain long-lasting connections through our work!

If you are looking for a contractor and construction manager to help your project run smoothly, contact us today with your project plans, ideas, and goals!