Sep 02, 2014

Places to Build – Nanaimo “The Harbour City”

This month our theme is communities on Vancouver Island.  We want to help you select a perfect community to build your custom home or office or purchase a new office or home.  We are exceptionally user-friendly when it comes to guiding you and getting the job done right, on time and on budget.  So check out this blog on Nanaimo to see which area you’d like to build you dream home!


Stretched like a long, lean finger along the east coast of south-central Vancouver Island, British Columbia’s sixth-largest city gets its identity, history and a wealth of recreation from a lovely, island-sheltered harbour right in the heart of town. Hiking, boating, kayaking, biking and world-class scuba diving and snorkeling are everyday activities at the bustling waterfront, as seaplanes take flight from sparkling blue waters.

Today, Nanaimo (population 92,355) is a fast-growing urban centre that is no longer merely the premier gateway to Vancouver Island. It has quickly become a destination of its own!

A boldly revitalized downtown core, delightful harbour front walkway, sparkling new museum, affordable art galleries, and a wealth of cool shopping and dining alternatives are good reasons to park the car, find accommodations and stay awhile.


Lifestyle: Check out the history of this city and what wonders it holds.

Communities: Check out who this community consists of and all the statistics you want to know about Nanaimo.

Nanaimo Statistics

Nanaimo Community Profile, 2018